Walnut Sapling Prices

Walnut Sapling Price

The prices of our saplings vary depending on the criteria such as their height, age, type or bare-rooted. Price of bare-rooted new season walnut saplings are between 2 USD and 9 USD, in our company. It changes according to the amount and walnut sapling type (chandler, fernor, howard, fernette, franquette, ronde, pedro, lara) to be ordered.

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Our walnut saplings are 2 years old, grafted, bare-rooted, hardened, high-quality and healthy. When we sell walnut seedlings out of the country; we choose the best quality seedlings from the warehouse.

Some of our customers are asking the price of 5-year-old walnut trees. Sometimes they ask the price of trees older than 5 years. They think it would be better to buy adult trees. But the truth is not what they think. The age of the seedlings that will hold the most beautiful soil by releasing their roots is 2 and around. For this reason, we recommend that you buy 2-year-old walnut seedlings.

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