Grafted & Certified Walnut Saplings

Our walnut saplings sales approved by ministry of agriculture, certified and guaranteed. As from November 2016, we will send orders new season outdoor rooted walnut saplings. You also place an order and reserve outdoor rooted walnut saplings from us whichever size you want. You can find all information about our firm by new website. You can contact to our salesmans and you can order saplings. Best wishes to manufacturers at new season.

Walnut Saplings Chandler
Walnut Sapling Seedling

Chandler walnut Trees have high fruit yield. Chandler is a Pedro walnut and American walnut variety produced from UC 56-124 crossing. Chandler is a widely preferred walnut variety in the world. Our chandler walnut trees for sale. If you want to buy chandler walnut trees…

Fernor Saplings Chandler
Walnut Sapling Seedling

Fernor walnut trees are walnut varieties that are come up late and harvested early. Fernor walnut saplings produced in France with Franquette walnut and Lara walnut cross. It is not affected by spring and autumn frostsIt is suitable for frequent planting. Because of this reason,…

Howard Saplings Chandler
Walnut Sapling Seedling

Howard walnut trees are one of the best varieties of walnuts preferred. Howard walnut is produced with Pedro crossed UC 56-224. Howard Walnut Tree Varieties It was introduced by the University of California in America. It has a good fruit yield in the side branches…

Fernette Saplings Chandler
Walnut Sapling Seedling

Fernette walnut trees are usually planted as a powdery variety. Fernette is a good pollinators saplings. Fernette made with Franquette and Lara cross Europe is also planted as the main varieties in some countries. Fernette Walnut Tree Varieties Fernette walnut tree fruit is medium size…

High Quality Masterpiece Walnut Saplings

Most types of walnut saplings growing in our walnut nursery. If you want a wonderful walnut garden please contact with us. Masterpiece quality of walnut saplings are ready for you. Our all walnut saplings are grafted with high quality walnut seedlings.

Variety selection when setting up a walnut garden

In walnuts, male and female flowers mature at different times (dichogamy) are common. Therefore, a mixed planting should be carried out with a homogamy variety or multiple varieties of protandry and protogyny varieties.
Homogamy: Male and female flowers ripen at the same time.
Protandry: Male flowers ripen earlier.
Protogyny: Female flowers ripen earlier.