Howard walnut trees are one of the best varieties of walnuts preferred. Howard walnut is produced with Pedro crossed UC 56-224.

Howard Walnut Tree Varieties

  • It was introduced by the University of California in America.
  • It has a good fruit yield in the side branches and inner branches. It has a large, round and smooth fruit structure. Fruit yield varies between 49% and 52%. The inside of the fruit is light colored and has a good taste. The internal yield rate is 55%. Fruit weight is between 10 and 14 grams and fruit kernel weight is between 6 and 7 grams. 700 to 1000 hours of cooling time. The flowering time is between 20 April and 30 April. Harvest time is from 15 September to 30 September. Planting is performed with one of Franquette, Fernette, Fernor and Cisco walnut varieties as a powder.

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