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Howard Walnut Tree

Howard walnut trees are one of the best varieties of walnuts preferred. Howard walnut is produced with Pedro crossed UC 56-224.

Howard walnut tree varieties

Grafted, certified walnut sapling, walnut seedlings and walnut trees ready for you.
  • It was introduced by the University of California in America.
  • Planting is performed with one of Franquette, Fernette, Fernor and Cisco walnut varieties as a powder.
  • 700 to 1000 hours of cooling time.
  • It has a large, round and smooth fruit structure.
  • Fruit weight is between 10 and 14 grams and fruit kernel weight is between 6 and 7 grams.
  • It has a good fruit yield in the side branches and inner branches.
  • Fruit yield varies between 49% and 52%.
  • The internal yield rate is 55%.
  • The inside of the fruit is light colored and has a good taste.
  • The flowering time is between 20 April and 30 April.
  • Harvest time is from 15 September to 30 September.
  • Source : calag ucanr edu