Fernor Walnut Sapling

Fernor is French origin walnut, is a kind of high altitude made our planting. Planting walkable range from 0 to 1800 meters altitude. So our starting height of the sea level is an efficient walnut varieties that can be planted in our region until the 1800 meters.

Fernor walnut seedlings due to a genetic trait that may occur in the high altitude region does not suffer from spring and autumn dollars.

Female flowers that will be the fruit flowers, due to open at the beginning of May, the walnut tree fern is not damaged by late spring frosts.

The walnut tree fern in autumn through to winter dormancy until the beginning of November. This means that the closing of new shoots branch. Hence the need for both the young shoots of trees in other regions affected by the early autumn donların.

-25-30 Degrees will occur until the winter frost does not damage the walnut tree fern. Is a cold-resistant varieties of walnut.

Planting intervals of Fern Nuts

Fernor planting system is suitable for growing walnuts fence 4X8 5x7 meters planted at intervals .

** 4x8 4 meters to 8 meters so when planting in intervals of 10 acres ; 312 pieces can be planted.

** 5x7 that is 5 meters to 7 meters intervals to planting 10 acres is made ​​; 285 pieces can be planted.

Planting intervals chandler walnut seedlings are the same .

Walnut Tree Fernor Properties of Fruit

Fernor Ferner Characteristics of walnut fruit weight 12 grams walnut fruit environment . Internal efficiency is 49% hazelnut weighs about 6 grams.

51% fat content and protein content is 20%. It is easy to separate from the shell of a walnut varieties with commercial value. The flavor is very nice as it is suitable for dry and fresh walnuts consumed . Franquet and walnuts are the pollinators of true Fernet . It is harvested towards the end of September.