Chandler Walnut Sapling

Chandler walnut seedlings for planting

Chandler walnut varieties the average sea up to 1100 meters high altitude , we recommend that our area to be planted with 1100 and less.

Franquette that right should be planted with walnut varieties of pollinators . Pollinator ratio ( 10) for chandler walnut seedlings , (1) should be planted so that walnut trees franquette .

Because Chandler efficient tree branches to the side corridor type of planting is a suitable breed. In this context, 4x8 and 5x7 range from planting done .

Chandler walnut seedlings planted several meters ?

When planted at intervals of 5 meters to 7 meters 10 285 acres of walnut trees ,

When we do the planting of 4 meters to 8 meters with a range consisting of 10 acres of walnut trees walnut groves 312 can be established.

The above data from the edge (0) Average figures calculated by giving intermediate meters . Taking into account the width and length dimensions of your land and your neighbors You must do the calculation in a way that will not harm the garden. This could make you turn from 2-2.5 meters from the border also includes the planting hole required.

Chandler walnut Efficiency and Profitability

Made possible to take good care of a walnut chandler average between 25-35 kg per tree in 6-7 years when the garden. Chandler established that these issues have already been identified by us in the walnut garden.

10 acres of walnut trees , we believe we erect 285 ; This is the garden ( 6-7) years later ;

285X25 : 7125 kg can be taken walnut .

285X35 : 9975 kg can be taken walnut .

Chandler Properties of Walnut

Spring and autumn frost risk in case ; Chandler walnut seedlings are affected by late spring frost for a variety according to the local varieties that bloom late .

Chandler pass the winter ranged from one region to the rest of the tree usually find their mid-November . Planting will consist of doing that in the early autumn frost in early November of that year event in walnut tree could damage his exile .

So early autumn frosts , chandler can not only damage the tree all those years that young shoots . This may negatively affect the efficiency of a year later .

This early frost are found in areas above 1100 meters above sea level in general in our country. However, our country is at an altitude of 1200 meters in some specific regions or temperate which is 900 meters above sea level are available in our region living te hard fall.

Especially in Chandler fruit;

Chandler walnut varieties is the most important US commercial walnut varieties.

Thin-skinned, less rough, oval shaped.

It is easy to leave the shell is suitable to be consumed as dried and fresh walnuts.

It is a very efficient kind of efficiency is 85-90% in the bud.

The ratio of white to Chandler walnut interior is 90-100% and all interests.

Chandler walnuts 10-13 g fruits, fruit internal weight 6.5 g, internal rate of 52-55% d.

Chandler Wood Properties;

As the branches bear fruit in the end, the fruit is very high rate of side branches.

Chandler walnut tree needs 700 hours of chilling. So our tree in winter under the +7.5 degrees to 700 hours (30 days) must undergo a period of time. Antalya coast is very temperate regions of our country should be noted in this regard.

Medium strength grows.

Semi grow upright. 4x8 and 5x7 range with proper planting.

Chandler is a walnut tree varieties resistant to the disease.

With the pollinator should be planted. Right pollinators is Franguate.

It is harvested in the middle of September.